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  • Apr 5

    Babesiosis - A brief description

    Written by Davina Duffield - RVN

    You may have heard in the news recently about a disease in dogs called Babesiosis caused by the microscopic parasite Babesia transmitted by ticks. The disease is only spread by the Dermacentor tick which, although the species is usually only found in Europe, has recently spread into the UK.

     Dermacentor Tick

    Babesiosis can lead to red blood cell destruction and can produce clinical signs such as lethargy, pale gums, red urine and fever. If you notice any of these signs in your pet or that your pet is unwell, please see a vet immediately.


    The best way to avoid the disease is to protect your dog against ticks. It can be transmitted very quickly (within 24 hours), so we recommend using a fast-acting prescription-strength tick product such as Bravecto, Seresto or Advantix. Although Babesiosis is very rare in cats, we  still advise prompt tick removal to avoid any potential infections in our feline friends.


    Although serious, it can be treated however severe cases may require blood transfusions and further complicated treatments. We can, however, perform a blood test to confirm or rule out infection in any dogs showing potential symptoms.


    Please be aware that the latest confirmed case is in our local area, in Bramcote, Nottingham so further precautions should be taken to protect your furry friends.


    If you would like some advice about tick treatments or need help removing a tick from your pet, please call us ASAP at either our Ilkeston branch on 0115 9329322 or our West Hallam branch on 0115 9326056. We can also do this for non-registered clients but will need to see your pet for a free flea check before dispensing medication.